The symposium of the year

About the symposium

The faculty of Social Psychology of LAU – University for Humanities announces the X International symposium

Wellbeing and Security in the Face of Social Transformations

to be held in Yekaterinburg, Russia, 9–10 July, 2019

The conference is aimed at providing expert analysis of scientific advances, exchanging ideas and searching for interdisciplinary fields of research, strengthening of academic networks of both domestic and foreign higher education institutions and the Russian Academy of Education.Предполагается работа следующих секций:

1. Psychological Security and Subjective Wellbeing of Modern Societies


  • Aleksandr Ivanovich Dontsov, academician of the Russian Academy of Education, doctor in Psychology, professor.
  • Olga Yur’evna Zotova, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education, doctor in Psychology, associate professor.

Psychological security as a tool for leveraging resources of human psyche, personality wellbeing in conditions of crises and uncertainty, criteria and indicators of psychological security, ways of assessing security, wellbeing and social progress. The impact of globalization, dynamism of today’s world on social condition and subjective wellbeing of the population.

2. The Role of Psychological Security in the Formation of Ethnic Identity


  • Elena Borisovna Perelygina, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education, doctor in Psychology, professor.
  • Olga Yur’evna Zotova, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education, doctor in Psychology, associate professor.

The impact of globalization processes on human psychological health, reasons for internal and external uncertainty of identity, causes and factors effecting stratification of society on the basis of ethnicity, transformation of ethnic identity as a key challenge of Russian society.

Psychological security as a foundation of inter-ethnic harmony in society, research on psychological security in the context of inter-ethnic interaction, prospects and resources for early prevention of inter-ethnic conflicts, manifestations of aggressive nationalism, mass disorder, manifestations of extremism and terrorism.

3. Problems and Prospects of Human Resources in Today’s Globalizing Society


  • Tat’yana Leonidovna Smorkalova, candidate of Psychological sciences.

Changes and transformations of a company HR-management in the context of globalised society. The chain of command in an organization in the face of new conditions.

Psychological and information security of an organization. Mobbing, bossing, bullying as a threat to psychological wellbeing of team members. An ability to cope with stress and resilience as professional competencies of a today’s employee.

Diverse multicultural settings: new rules of management. Ethno-psychological specific features of management in multinational teams.

New trends of organizational behavior (sabbatical, outplacement, etc.). Modern models of corporate culture.

4. Security and Consumer Comfort as Priorities of Organizing Tourism and Hospitality in a Globalized World


  • Snezhana Aleksandrovna Ramzina, candidate of Sociological Sciences, associate professor.

The section focuses on organization and provision of quality standards and safety norms of integrated tourism service in tourism and hospitality properties satisfying clients’ needs for comfort that meets key values of security.

Reasons, signs and consequences of probable dangers, protection against extreme situations, modern technologies for maintaining safety and security in tourism and hospitality in line with the requirements of current legislation.

5.“Society of Demand” and the Problem of Online Communication Security in Advertising and Public Relations


  • Alla Vladimirovna Drozdova, doctor in Cultorology, associate professor

Thematic focuses: the problem of googlization of our life in “society of demand”; information PR campaigns and online activism; information security in the era of the Internet of things; activism in the networks; new media and security; behavior factors in a comprehensive internet-marketing; development of correct scenarios of online interaction; problems of emotional security on the Web.

Make an Application

Applications to participate in the symposium should be submitted no later than 10 July, 2019. Applications can be registered online at the appropriate page.

Papers Submission requirements:

  1. All English and Russian language theses up to 4 pages for a paper have to be submitted only through e-mail:
  2. The format to be used: WORD saved in formats doc, docx, RTF. The Recommended type – Times New Roman, 12 – point type with line-to-line spacing – 1,5,
    the indented line – 0,7 cm, all margins – 2 сm.
  3. The file name: “The author’s name, section No”.
  4. Paper Formatting (See. Annex 1):
    • author (s) name (s), in bold italics, right justification;
    • the title of the paper in Russian, boldfaced;
    • abstract in Russian (no less than 50 words);
    • keywords in Russian (from 5 to 10);
    • the text itself (tables with headings; figures with captions);
    • references;
    • symposium application form.
  5. References in the text are to be numbered in square brackets together with thepage cited, for example [1, p. 87; 2, p. 12]. The very list of bibliographical references is
    enclosed at the end of the paper in order of citation number (one item – one title) according to All-Union State Standard P 7.0.5. – 2008 (for the example of the reference list see Annex 1).
  6. The articles in English are to be submitted in APA 6 Style format. (APA –American Psychological Association).
  7. Co-authorship is limited to three persons. We welcome authors from all countries.

Materials that fail to agree with the topic of the symposium are not accepted. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to select and edit the submitted papers.

The conference proceedings will be published (publication is free of charge) and placed in the RSCI database on the site of Research Electronic Library eLIBRARY.RU.
All papers will be reviewed and checked on plagiarism (original text should be not less than 80%).
The conference editorial council will select authors’ materials to be reviewed and further refined for a full-text academic article with a view of placing them in the «Web of Science» database.

Papers should be sent by e-mail to with the mark «for the symposium “Wellbeing and Security in the Face of Social Transformations”. The deadline to submit papers is 30 July, 2019