The symposium of the year

Collection of papers 2019

Annual International symposium on security issues "Wellbeing and Security in the Face of Social Transformations"

Socio-psychological section

  1. Changes in the Self-Image and the Perception of Security in Interethnic Interaction
    Valery S. Agapov, Olga Yu. Zotova and Sergey V. Mostikov
  2. The Empirical Analysis of the Profession Image and the Self Image of Police Officers
    Valeriya N. Druzhinina
  3. Looking-Glass Self as a Factor of Socio-Psychological Adaptation of the Individual in an Organization
    Aleksandr M. Bodnar and Elvira L. Bodnar
  4. Responsibility as a Predictor of Emotional and Personal Wellbeing
    Larisa V. Karapetyan
  5. Value Features of Personality Psychological Wellbeing
    Marina V. Lifshits
  6. Satisfying the Need for the Art as a Factor of Personality Psychological Wellbeing
    Elena A. Kolykhalova
  7. Specific Features of Personality Psychological Wellbeing in Situations of Uncertainty
    Tatyana S. Moroz, Valery S. Agapov and Tatyana I. Kuchina
  8. Specificities of Handling Conflict Situations by Young People with Different Types of Ethnic Identity
    Yuliya I. Fomina
  9. Emotional Security of an Education Environment Based on Blog-Technologies
    Nadezhda N. Vasilyuk
  10. An Empirical Characteristic of Cognitive Styles of Military Academies Trainees Exhibiting Psychological Wellbeing
    Ivan V. Gorbachyov, Valery S. Agapov and Nataliya N. Krasnoshatanova
  11. A Successful Man as Perceived by Contemporary Students
    Lyudmila P. Karavaeva and Tatyana V. Okuneva
  12. On the Role of Irrational Beliefs in the Efficacy of Students Learning Activities
    Aleksandr M. Bodnar and Elvira L. Bodnar
  13. The Psychological Analysis of Personal and Professional Qualities of Design and Architecture Students
    Inessa L. Feldman and Sergey K. Khaidov
  14. The Development of Communicative Competence in Adolescents with Hearing Impairments by Dance Therapy
    Anastasiya R. Zaitseva, Lyudmila N. Kuleshova and Nataliya A. Peshkova
  15. Educational Environment as a Risk Factor in the Formation of Deviant Behavior of Today’s Teenagers
    Marina M. Mishina and Kseniya A. Vorob’eva
  16. Characteristics of Teenagers Subjective Wellbeing
    Oksana A. Donskaya
  17. Characteristics of Emotional and Personal Wellbeing of Prisoners
    Larisa V. Karapetyan
  18. A Non-Binary Approach to Gender in the Context of Personality Psychological Security in a Transitive Society
    Olga Yu. Zotova and Olga Yu. Fleitlikh
  19. Becoming of the Psychologist Professional Identity in a Transitive Society
    Lyudmila E. Solyankina and Tatyana S. Timofeeva
  20. The Typological Characteristics of Moral Attitudes among the Trainees of Military Academies
    Denis V. Kharchenko, Valery S. Agapov and Nataliya N. Krasnoshatanova
  21. Personal Features of People Prone to Internet Addiction
    Karina V. Shakura and Anna V. Gizullina

Multidisciplinary section

  1. Anti-Corruption Competence of State Civil Servants as a Condition of an Organization’ Personnel Security
    Sergey V. Dukhnovsky and Vladimir A. Parsukov
  2. Civil Identity of Personality as a Marker of Psychological Security under Global Social Changes
    Tatyana M. Bespalova
  3. National Projects in Russia: Problems of Implementation and Ways to Achieve Goals
    Lyudmila I. Vasil’tsova and Nadezhda A. Aleksandrova
  4. From Trust and Justice to Political Correctness
    Aleksandr I. Dontsov and Elena B. Perelygina
  5. Archetypical Algorithms for Providing Existential Security of the Individual
    Yuri V. Gritskov, Nikolai M. Perelygin and Elena N. Syutkina
  6. Archetypes of Corporate Nature and Hierarchy in Providing Psychological Security of Socio-Cultural Integrity
    Denis V. L’vov
  7. The Transformation of the Body in Today’s Media Culture
    Alla V. Drozdova and Elena V. Vlasova
  8. An Informational Comfort as a Component of High-Standard Service in Hotels
    Evgeniya G. Radygina
  9. The Security Perimeter of a Hospitality Product in the Tourism Infrastructure
    Snezhana A. Ramsina
  10. Conceptual Propositions and the Model for Control and Prevention of Negative Effects in an Educational Establishments
    Nadira L. Zakharova
  11. An Ethical Dimension of Applying the Death Penalty
    Marina V. Maksimenko
  12. The Problem of Preventing Xenophobia among Young People
    Rustam R. Muslumov