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Title National Projects in Russia: Problems of Implementation and Ways to Achieve Goals
Author(s) Lyudmila I. Vasil’tsova and Nadezhda A. Aleksandrova
About the author(s)

Lyudmila I. Vasil’tsova, Dr. Sci. (Economics), Prof., Prof. at HR-Management and Sociology chair, Ural State University of Railway Transport, Yekaterinburg, Russia.
Nadezhda A. Aleksandrova, Cand. Sci. (Philosophy), Ass. Prof., head of HR-Management and Sociology chair, Ural State University of Railway Transport, Yekaterinburg, Russia.

DOI 10.35853/LAU.WS.2019.MD03
Section Multidisciplinary section
Year 2019 UDK Index 159.922.4 Pages 232 - 241

The authors considered an essential institutional instrument for managing social processes directly associated with human capital reproduction. The dependence of human capital on the quality of health care and education, the necessity to respond to the challenges of our time under transition to a digital economy justified the subject of the research – the present-day national projects. Based on the comparative analysis, the author defined the characteristics of the given stage of national projects’ fulfillment: scale, openness, the use of new instruments of social management capable of improving the situation in terms of medical care availability, changing an approach to the formation of human capital in education. The analysis made it possible to conclude that existing regulations and procedures do not reflect the pace of organizational changes determined by the challenges of our time and in the context of human capital preservation and development during the transitional period. The authors also identified risks of the project Health Care: the reluctance of the industry to transformations that replace reforms; failure to be in tune with the pace of organizational changes; high risk of corruption; insufficient competence of management. The authors showed directions adequate to goals and objectives of the national project Education: involvement of scientific and technological centers ineducation; orientation of university programs to practical demands; the availability of collaboration spaces for students and successful entrepreneurs. The scientific novelty of the study can be described as follows: trends of preservation and development of human capital as well as characteristics and risks of national projects’ implementation were defined; directions adequate to goals’ achievement were clarified.

Keywords national projects, comparative analysis, health care, education, digital economy.
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Vasil’tsova LI, Aleksandrova NA. National Projects in Russia: Problems of Implementation and Ways to Achieve Goals. In: Perelygina EB, Zotova OYu, Drozdova AV, Tarasova LV. (eds.) Wellbeing and Security in the Face of Social Transformations: Collection of academic papers from the 10th International Symposium (Yekaterinburg, July 9–10, 2019). Yekaterinburg: Liberal Arts University – University for Humanities; 2019. p. 232–241. Available from: doi:10.35853/LAU.WS.2019.MD03.

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Submitted 21.10.2019
Accepted 25.11.2019