The symposium of the year

For Authors

Requirements for submitting manuscripts for the symposium proceedings “Wellbeing and Security in the Face of Social Transformations” with a view of placing them in the “Web of Science” database

All papers will be reviewed and checked on plagiarism by the editorial council. Even in case of substantial self-plagiarism (reference to the authors’ own articles) the paper will not be accepted. The originality of the text should be more than 90%.

THE STRUCTURE OF THE PAPER should meet the following requirements:

  1. Specify your open researcher and contributor ID (ORCID). It is available upon registration at
  2. The author(s) name and Affiliation (in Russian) – a place of work, the author(s) affiliation (organization, city, country, e-mail).
  3. The title of the paper in Russian (bold capitals) not exceeding 12 words including prepositions.
  4. Abstract in Russian (the author(s) resume) should consist of one paragraph satisfying the following structure:
    1. Background: the rationale for the study conducted and the definition of its key objective.
    2. Methods: briefly describe main methods and techniques.
    3. Results: briefly highlight the most essential data.
    4. Conclusions: show major findings supporting the scientific novelty of the paper.

      The abstract should be a brief and informative presentation of the paper, reflect key results of the study. It should not contain common words and vague or unnecessary sentences. The abstract should have not more than 170-200 words.

  5. Key words (in Russian): 3-6 words or word combinations (separated by a comma).
  6. Main text should be in Russian and include the following parts:
    • Introduction (relevance of an academic problem; the degree of its scientific examination; an aspect of the problem to be revealed in the paper; an investigated material). The Introduction should be at least 1 page.
    • Methods (description of procedures, methods and techniques used).
    • Результаты и их обсуждение (полученные результаты и их интерпретация).
    • Conclusions or Summary.
  7. Acknowledgements: the source of funding including grants and whether the publication of the manuscript publication is paid through this grant’ funds should be stated in this section.
  8. References. The list of literature quoted is given in alphabetic order in the end of the paper in line with All-Union State Standard 7.1-2003. It should have not less than 10-15 items. All references indicated in the list of literature should be brought into the text of the paper. The bibliography list should include both domestic and foreign authors. The citation of textbooks, teaching materials, dictionaries, reference books, dissertations and other small-circulation publications should be minimal as they cannot constitute the basis of solid research.
  9. The author data include: a surname, a name and a patronymic, a scientific degree, an academic status, a post, merits, contacts. Data on place of work can be repeated in this section.


The volume of the manuscript – 7-8 pages (2000 words) in Microsoft Word, А4, portrait orientation, type – Times New Roman, 12 – point type, all margins – 2 cm, indent -1,0, line-to-line spacing – 1,5.

References to sources in the text of the article should specify the author (s) surname (s) (in round brackets) and, with a comma, the year of publication. In case of a quotation, a related page of the text cited should be provided, for example: (Surname, 2012), or (Surname, 2012, p. 55), or (Surname & Surname, 2012), or (Surname, et al, 2012).

Tables and figures (in black and white only) should be numbered and subscribed.